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Dr. Lori Gore-Green

Dr. Lori Gore-Green

“Lending a hand in Community Service can change people’s lives.” – Dr. Lori Gore-Green

Dr. Lori Gore-Green is a successful physician who specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology and has a remarkable passion for community service. Her passion led her to work with organizations such as the Denton County Health Department where she cared for obstetrical patients in the Hispanic communities and at the Denton State Supported Living Center where she took care of the gynecological needs of female residents who suffered from mental and physical challenges.

Also, Dr. Lori Gore-Green volunteered as the Director of many successful community health fairs in North Texas. The results of the health fairs have brought joy to Dr. Gore-Green in knowing that diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and breast cancer, that affect African American communities at higher rates, were diagnosed in people who were unaware of their illnesses, especially uninsured individuals. Fortunately, most were diagnosed early enough to save their lives. Also, she has participated in the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha annual health fairs to serve the gynecological needs of the middle-eastern community. As a Health Care Educator, she has given health presentations to church congregants, hospital staff, residents, interns, and students. Because of similar beliefs regarding a commitment to humanity through community service and academic excellence, Dr. Lori Gore-Green thought that it was a natural progression to become a member of the esteemed Delta Sigma Theta Sorority of the Denton County Alumni Chapter. Her membership allowed her to engage in more community functions that provided funding for educational scholarships for the youth.

Dr. Lori Gore-Green was honored with many awards while in Denton, Texas: such as; Public Health Advocate of the Year, Extraordinary People Award, Community Service Award, & Leadership Service Award.

She has had several great titles with the Presbyterian Hospital of Denton, the OSU-College of Health Sciences in Tulsa, Oklahoma and a Program Director for the residency program. In each role, she has mentored and educated students about the importance of community service.

While in Tulsa, Dr. Lori Gore-Green has been involved in community organizations such as the Supporters of Families with Sickle Cell Disease, Inc. and the Resonance Center for Women, Inc., to name a few. She was interviewed by several popular news channels, discussing her involvement in her many projects.

Dr. Lori Gore-Green’s current community involvement is a long-term project. It involves the collaborative efforts of many community leaders working in partnership in the city of Tulsa to create an adaptation of the successful Memphis-Model of the “Congregational Health Network” at the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare facility in Memphis, Tennessee. The main purpose is to create a reliable system for the identification of individuals who are in need of health-care services that allows them to easily access medical care through a partnership between congregations and hospitals. Health education classes are provided to the members of the faith/health network as a preventative tool to provide medical knowledge of how to manage disease processes to reduce the number of life threatening hospital admissions that will directly result in a reduction in hospital costs…a win-win situation. The cities of Memphis and Tulsa share similar histories of community health struggles. According to Dr. Gore-Green, “The success of the Memphis-Model gives hope for the future success of Tulsa in minimizing life-threatening health crises, dissolving the 14 year life disparity that affects the North Tulsa community and by lowering health care costs”.

Dr. Lori Gore-Green is the Chairperson of the Health Committee of the District Forum in North Tulsa. The District Forum is led by the dedicated elected officials who serve Districts 1, 11, 72, & 73 in the city of Tulsa. The elected officials in these communities are leaders in a new movement for the community revitalization of North Tulsa that include quality improvements in the following areas: health care, economic development, education, public safety & incarceration/reintegration. Dr. Gore-Green is excited about her future opportunity to significantly impact health care and health education in the city of Tulsa as a part of her health ministry. Where there is interest for health-awareness, Dr. Lori Gore-Green makes herself available for the betterment of the community.