3 Beautiful Ways to Transform Your Community

while-wearing-protective-gloves-this-boy-was-enjoying-the-fresh-outdoor-air-as-he-was-planting-725x483Whether you’re volunteering at nursing home, planting trees, or you’ve agreed to pack sack lunches for the homeless, there are countless ways you can transfer and improve your community.

Enlivening one’s own community is an invaluable act, helping to bring new life, resources, and support to your neighbors. Depending on what your particular community needs, there are things you and your peers can take to make sure your community is a more livable and charming place for everyone who lives there.

Community Garden

If you have a green thumb, and you’re interested improving your community in a way that truly makes a difference, then look to grow or develop a local community garden. In order to make this happen, you simply have to organize a group of like-minded individuals, form a planning committee, identify your resources, and find a sponsor. After that, it’s a matter of choosing a site, preparing and maintaining the site, organizing the garden, setting ground rules, and developing a communication network, which ensures that all members of the community garden engage effectively. This will undoubtedly strengthen the community at large, not to mention lead to access to fresh fruits and veggies.

Weight Loss Challenge

Organize a group health and weight loss challenge in your community. By reiterating the importance of healthy eating, staying hydrated, and personal accountability, the neighborhood will discover the value of healthy living. Potlucks and group dinners can be arranged to demonstrate examples of healthy eating. Also, community members can host food planning workshops. Additionally, participants can organize ‘Gym Takeovers,’ this way the entire group can find a time to go to the gym and motivate one another.

Green Space and Trees

Whether you have a neighborhood park or not, every neighborhood deserves trees and/or green space. If you have a park, organize challenges to clean and maintain the park. If you don’t, take it upon yourself to transform an open lot. You can reach out to the local park’s department, and learn how you can get a park in your area. If having a park is simply impossible, then plant flowers, plants, and trees around your neighborhood, and watch the items blossom.

There are countless things you can do to transform your community. Never believe one person can’t make a change because that simply isn’t true. Try doing service work at local nursing home, start a clothing, toy, and book drive, hold a fundraiser for children in need, collect canned goods for the homeless. If you need help thinking of community service project ideas, the community organization 4-H prepared a list of 500.

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