6 High-Impact Charities

As the disposable income of many Americans continues to rise, giving to charity is reaching all-time highs. But before you write that check, it is important to consider how much of your donation will go directly to the cause you are supporting. Here are six of the most impactful charity organizations in the country, all giving at least 99 percent of their funds directly to the cause:


INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S FUND (ICF): This global organization works to provide aid to the massive number of impoverished children in Africa by helping them to avoid starvation and disease. One of the key initiatives of ICF is its commitment to supplying the region with clean water.


CARING VOICE COALITION (CVC): Founded in 2003, this group supports patients afflicted with rare diseases by providing financial assistance and outreach services. The holistic approach of CVC looks to assist patients through a variety of measures including education, empowerment, and counseling.


FEEDING AMERICA’S HUNGRY CHILDREN: Recognizing that half of the country’s food goes to waste, this group is committed to taking that waste and providing meals to thousands of children each year. By providing transportation between donors and food banks, Feeding America’s Hunger Children is helping to eliminate the waste and get the food to the people who need it the most.


WORLD MEDICAL RELIEF: Headquartered in Michigan, this group works on a global scale to serve the sick locally, domestically, and internationally. World Medical Relief provides many goods and services including medicine, medical supplies, laboratory supplies, pacemakers, equipment, and more.


BOOKS FOR AFRICA: As the largest shipper of text and library books to Africa, this group provides an invaluable service through its commitment to literacy for all. With a goal of ending the book famine in Africa, Books for Africa is involved in every step of the process from the collection of the books to the shipping to the distribution.


DIRECT RELIEF: This humanitarian aid group operates in all 50 states and in 80 countries across the world, bringing goods and services to people affected by poverty and emergencies. Direct Relief prides itself on serving everyone regardless of race, religion, or politics. From natural disasters to refugee crises, this organization is always ready to help.


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