Community Service Efforts of Hospital

St. Louis Children’s Hospital

St. Louis Children’s Hospital is dedicated to going above and beyond when meeting the needs of the children of their community.

According to an article completed for their website, the St. Louis Children’s Hospital has made a significant commitment towards helping meet the health needs of children in their community.  To complete their goals in this endeavor, the hospital strives to meet the needs of individuals and families in the community through advocacy and outreach, seeking to help those in need that reside beyond the hospital setting.

In an article completed specifically to chronicle the programs offered by the hospital to reach out to the community, the hospital discusses how it works to achieve the goals tied to its “Do What is Right for Kids” mission.  Several topics are covered in a variety of programs, from smoking prevention, cessation classes and accident prevention education.  Through these programs, the hospital seeks to enhance the opportunities for children and families to make healthy choices; in addition, the hospital seeks to call the public’s attention to issues affecting the health of children in the area.

In addition to these programs, several other several initiatives are discussed, which work towards achieving their mission.  Heath Kids Express is a mobile van that comes to those in need throughout St. Louis city, the surrounding counties and Metro East.  Through this service, each year approximately 20,000 children and teens receive a range of services including hearing and vision screenings, dental and asthma care.  In addition to this, the hospital provides the Injury-Free Coalition for Kids, which serves as a chapter of a nationwide program to provide fast, and effective injury treatment and prevention.  The program is composed of hospital-based, community-oriented programs anchored in research, education and advocacy and consists of two separate areas of study—Safety Street and Safety Stop.

In addition to outlining outreach endeavors, the article references to a formal community education program created by the hospital.  A separate article is provided to detail the classes, activities and presentations to the general community, private groups, schools and organizations; these opportunities are offered throughout the course of the entire year.  Most of the programs are free; however, some do cost a small fee.  Topics range from parenting, health, wellness issues and other issues important to overall health of the St. Louis community.

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