Community Service on the Web

Dr. Lori Gore-Green

Visit for the opportunity to serve your community from your computer.

In an era where community service is so accessible and equally enticing, sometimes that is still just not enough. Whether someone does community service as a hobby, for experience in their desired career, or because they are mandated to, it is always a commitment that is time-consuming. With that said, people are constantly trying to find ways to serve their community in an innovative way.

One problem solver for individuals who are mandated to do community service and have an issue with time is the online community service non-profit organization, Quick Community Service. Quick Community Service is specifically for individuals who are required to do community service through school or court. They offer the opportunity to acquire up to 10 hours for around $25.

With this program, you can sign on, choose a web-based community service project, select a number of hours you need to complete and pay a fee.  Upon your registration, you will receive e-books to download, which you will then be quizzed on after reading.  The quiz is short and straight to the point! The proceeds of these service projects go to Quick Community Service’s nonprofit organizations.

Quick Community Service has partnerships with several nonprofit organizations that are recognized nationwide. Everything through this program is completely user-friendly and easy to navigate. The projects are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Upon completion of your hours, Quick Community Service sends you a certificate for your volunteer work, just as any other community service project does.

Many jobs are done on the computer and/or on the Internet. These types of jobs are perfect for individuals who need to stay home with young children, who are ill, who don’t have vehicles, or who can’t afford to take time away from home for any other reason. Now that there are community service programs that allow you to volunteer from home, it may be an incentive for some to give back. Community Service is a rewarding thing to be a part of and whether we are mandated to do it or not, it always feels good to volunteer your time to help someone, somewhere, somehow. 

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