Domestic Violence Support Organizations Emboldening Survivors

Domestic Violence | Dr. Lori Gore-GreenEmotionally, physically, and financially, there are women being abused every day, globally.

These hostile environments, manifested by abusers, are laden with intimidation, physical violence and verbal threats, used to manipulate victims and encase them in fear. For that reason, it’s desperately important that those suffering from abuse have access to resources, funds, and alternative shelter during times of crisis.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence published a fact sheet, which publicized some unfortunate truths. For instance, one-third of female homicide victims will die at the hand of intimate partners. The research further revealed that women frequently die when attempting to leave their home. Battered women shelters across the nation do their best to grant access to victim assistance, clothing, food, and shelter. There are numerous ways organizations and individuals are helping those who’ve been subjected to domestic violence.

An example of an organization doing great work is the Domestic Violence Services Network. The Domestic Violence Services Network holds volunteer training throughout the nation, enabling caring individuals to provide direct service to victims over the phone. The DVSN volunteers receive 40 hours of training so that they are familiarized with the fundamentals and different aspects of domestic violence, including an understanding of appropriate services and confidentiality. Community-based organizations, such as DSVN or Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN), work in collaboration with law enforcement to combat harsh realities.

Mujeres Latinas En Accion is an organization designed to empower Latina women, actively reflecting the culture and value of community service. Located in the heart of Chicago, the program’s endeavors to put an end to domestic violence, offering everything from legal advocacy to group counseling to crisis intervention. They also offer a 24-hour crisis hotline. The tools educate and inform survivors, providing them skills, support, and resources. Additionally, the organization trains teens, social service providers, schools, parents, law enforcement professionals, and others interested in the expertise and insight of the program.

Futures Without Violence is yet another incredible group, which advances the security and stability of girls, men, women, and boys across the globe. FWV played a key role in help to develop the Violence Against Women Act, a piece of legislation passed by Congress in 1994. The organization ongoingly educates policymakers and advocates, improving their response to domestic violence. They also teach the importance of healthy relationships.
Some other incredible organizations doing good work locally and nationally are: American Bar Association Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence, Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence, Battered Women’s Justice Project, Child Welfare League of America, Equality Now, INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, Institute of Domestic Violence in the African American Community, Jewish Women International, Manavi, Mending the Sacred Hoop, National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, National Domestic Violence Hotline, National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence (ALIANZA), National Network to End Domestic Violence, No More, The Northwest Network, and V-Day.

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