Global Funding for Women Grows

For decades, women have long found themselves behind the eight ball in the world of business due to a variety of reasons. Wage gaps and gender discrimination have kept many promising businesswomen from reaching their true potential. In addition to these problems is that fact that women are far less likely to secure venture funding for a startup enterprise than their male business counterparts. Venture capital has long been viewed as a type of “boys club” with many unwritten rules that typically keep women on the outside. So what exactly is being done to ensure that global funding for women entrepreneurs isn’t stymied and continues to grow?


  • Women Are Looking Out For Each Other
  • More Organizations Are Focusing On Women’s Funding
  • More Female Angel Investors Are Entering The Arena


Women Are Looking Out For Each Other


As more women successfully climb the corporate ladder and find themselves in positions of power, they aren’t forgetting the struggles that they endured along their journey. Because of this, more and more women in power are extending the olive branch to fellow capable women who may not have been given a chance to shine otherwise. With this form of camaraderie, women are showing to be just as, if not more, capable as men in similar roles which opens the door for additional funding moving forward.


More Organizations Are Focusing On Women’s Funding


In order to address the lack of funding for women started businesses, organizations like the Global Fund For Women have begun to band together to open new funding channels and promote women in business. As more organizations like this begin to arise, this funding crisis could be completely eradicated.


More Female Angel Investors Are Entering The Arena


Angel investors are those who wish to put up their own money because they believe in a particular startup. This is a high risk position to be in but the reward can often far outweigh the possibility of losing everything. A bit over ten years ago, less than five percent of angel investors in the United States were women but that number has since grown to more than twenty five percent. Women angel investors are far more likely to invest in businesses founded by women giving these new venture the chance to break out on the scene and change the world with their new and inventive product or service.

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