Heartwarming Ways to Volunteer During the Holidays

During the holiday season, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of your own shopping list. Unfortunately, not everyone is in the same position, and many people across the world often struggle during the holiday time. This holiday season, be giving of your time, and help out those in need. For a few ideas to spread holiday cheer, keep reading!

Sponsor a Family in Need

With Family-to-family.org, you can help provide a family with a holiday meal who may not have the means to do. To make more of an impact, get more people involved. Ask the people in your life, your family, friend, coworkers, to put together a few holiday dinner baskets. By everyone coming together, you can make four or five baskets in no time!

Give a Hand to the Homeless 

Family gatherings in warm and cozy homes are particularly common during the holidays and can make the homeless feel left out and isolated. Providing a helping hand to the homeless starts with partnering up with the National Coalition for the Homeless. This organization provides ample opportunities for you to combat homelessness. Volunteering at food shelters, building homes, or offering job training all help out the homeless and make them feel a little less alone this holiday season.

Give a Gift to Toys for Tots

Since 1947, Toys for Tots has distributed over 566 million toys to children across the United States. Add to this growing number and continue to deliver a message of hope by contributing a few gifts to this wonderful charity. This is a great way to give back if you are short on time but still want to help. You can donate directly online, or you find a local campaign in your area and drop off a toy or two.

Host a Coat Drive

Along with the holidays comes with cold weather. Those in the North can experience really harsh weather, where a coat is absolutely necessary to get through the winter. Hosting a coat drive is a massive project to take on by yourself, so you may want to recruit a few friends, or introduce the idea to your office. You’ll find that many of your local shelters will be more than willing to pair up and distribute the coats to those in need.

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