Hospital Employee Has Been Volunteering At Work For Over 4 Decades

Barbara McNelly volunteering at Fremont, Ohio's Memorial Hospital.

Barbara McNelly is a dedicated volunteer who enjoys giving her time and attention to different areas of the Memorial Hospital in Fremont, Ohio.

Volunteerism, for many who do it, is another job. A regular part of their weekly routine in which a person puts as much, and in some cases, even more effort into than their regular jobs. But what if you had a job that you volunteered for? That, according to a recent story in the News-Messenger is the story of Barbara McNelly.

McNelly has been volunteering  one day a week at Memorial Hospital in Fremont, Ohio in the gift shop. During that entire time, she has also been an employee, working in the radiology billing department. Taken in its totality, McNelly has spent 12 years working at the hospital as either an employee or a volunteer.

McNelly’s reasons are simple – she just enjoys the work. She loves the hospital, she loves her job, and she loves the gift shop. “I just enjoyed it. I enjoyed the gift shop — meeting the people and the work,” McNelly said. “And I always had to bring something home. You can’t go into a gift shop without buying something.”

After four decades on the job, she finally left the paying gig behind. But that did not mean she left the hospital. McNelly has now taken a volunteer position in the hospital’s marketing department, now even taking on more hours than she had previously. She notes how much the marketing director has to deal with and works to ease her load.

McNelly stands as a shining example of how much volunteerism offers to the world of healthcare. At Memorial Hospital, she is one of roughly 230 loyal volunteers who assist healthcare workers and administrators in improving the patient experience.

For McNelly, volunteerism is about supporting organizations that are close to her heart. Along with her donating her time to the hospital, she is also a 20-year volunteer of the American Cancer Society. She has been helping to run their annual Relay for Life even in Fremont.

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