Shop Meaningfully: 3 Companies That Support Women

In 2018, the amount of female CEOs for Fortune 500 companies topped out at only 24. Though women are making great strides towards pay equality and representation in the corporate world, there are still large and looming gaps in the market. So, how do we, as consumers and women, demonstrate the desire for and power of female entrepreneurs and business leaders? We direct our money towards companies that support women or are run by women. Here are three great companies with female-centric ideals and leaders to add to your shopping list.

One for Women

“One small gesture. One big impact.” That’s One for Women’s mission statement, and it’s one they take seriously. Founded by Heidi Crable and her daughter, Meg Wheeler, this company strives to create the perfectly curated gift set for any and all of life’s moments—good or bad, happy or sad.

One for Women also donates a portion of their profits to non-profit charities, many of which are focused on women’s and children’s causes. They have previously partnered with Every Mother Counts, the Fireborn Institute, and She’s the First.


Women of color have long fought for representation within the beauty industry’s offerings. While this gap has recently shown improvement, many black women still face challenges when shopping for makeup. The problem? When shopping online, women of color face heightened barriers to find their match thanks to poorly named shades, such as the “universal” tone “nude.”

Founded by Atima Lui, the daughter of a Sudanese refugee and black activist, Nudest uses Artificial Intelligence to help women find their perfect matches when shopping online. The innovative technology was created by underrepresented minorities.


Female personal care items are, on average, 13% more costly than similar products for men, and razors are no exception. In store, a pack of pink razors will cost approximately a dollar more than a pack of men’s green razors. The difference between the two? Nothing but the cost and the color. This upcharge is known to consumers as the “Pink Tax,” which is not an actual tax, but instead refers to the price inflation of women’s products.

Billie, a shaving subscription service, seeks to break the “pink tax.” Offering adorably packaged and designed razors and shaving products, the company prices their goods at values comparable to men’s shaving subscriptions. Billie is also the first company of their kind to showcase body hair in their advertisements and work to promote body hair positivity. Additionally, one percent of their revenue goes directly to women’s causes worldwide.

Though there are not nearly enough women on the Fortune 500 list of CEOs, women all around the world are running incredibly creative and innovative companies. Focusing your money and attention on them helps support women and create more opportunities for female growth. Shop meaningfully and intelligently by researching brands and supporting the ones whose ideals match yours.

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